Learn Swedish For Beginners! 36 Lessons From Native Swedish!

Learn Swedish For Beginners! 36 Lessons From Native Swedish!
Free Download Learn Swedish For Beginners! 36 Lessons From Native Swedish!
Published 9/2023
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Learning Swedish, Speaking and understanding Swedish

What you'll learn
How to understand and speak Swedish in everyday siuations.
Examples of different social scenarios and what words, phrases and sentences that will be used. In the restaurant, in hotel, in a store, in school and more.
You will learn the Swedish alphabet and how to pronounce it.
You will learn all the most used words, phrases and sentences in Swedish and feel comfortable to express yourself in the Swedish language
You will get a broad understanding of Swedish that will allow you travel or live in Swedish.
You do not need any experience in Swedish. This course will give you all you need.
Hello and welcome!I am happy you found this course and want to learn the Swedish language! This course offers you high quality material for pronunciation, grammar and common phrases and much more. A lot is based on the academic national Swedish course SFI.This course is for:- Those who are beginners or intermediates- Those who wants to learn all the important basics of Swedish- Those who wants to practice speaking, listening and reading- Those who wants to learn important grammar rules- Those who wants to learn common words and phrases- Those who wants to communicate in different social situationsAbout me: I am a 23 year old guy from Sweden who studies in University. I have always loved education, both learning and teaching new things to people. In recent years I have gotten interested in language learning. With my Swedish background and language skills I want to give people learning material that I wanted as a language student. This is why I created this course just for you.I hope you will complete the course from start to finish. By doing so, you will be surprised by how much more you will know about Swedish. How to speak, listen and read.Let's begin!Good luck! / Lycka till!
Lecture 1 Introductions
Section 1: Swedish Alphabet and Numbers
Lecture 2 Swedish Alphabet and Numbers
Section 2: Greetings. Hello. My Name is
Lecture 3 How to Greet and Introduce Yourself
Section 3: Personal information
Lecture 4 Personal Information
Section 4: Work and Studies
Lecture 5 Work and Studies
Section 5: How To Express Like/Dislike
Lecture 6 How To Express Like/Dislike
Section 6: Family and Relatives
Lecture 7 Family and Relatives
Section 7: What Time is It?
Lecture 8 What Time is It?
Section 8: Grammar Lessons
Lecture 9 Nouns
Lecture 10 Adjectives
Lecture 11 Verbs
Lecture 12 Pronouns
Lecture 13 Adverb
Section 9: Common situations
Lecture 14 In the restaurant
Lecture 15 On the bus
Lecture 16 On the Flight
Lecture 17 In the workplace
Lecture 18 At the Pharmacy
Lecture 19 In the Hospital
Lecture 20 At the Cinema
Lecture 21 In the Cafeteria
Lecture 22 In the Sports Arena
Lecture 23 In the Museum
Lecture 24 In the Hotel
Lecture 25 In school
Lecture 26 On the Beach
Lecture 27 In the Gym
Section 10: Common verbs
Lecture 28 Action Verbs
Lecture 29 Social Interaction Verbs
Lecture 30 Communication Verbs
Lecture 31 Creating Verbs
Lecture 32 Emotion Verbs
Lecture 33 Food Verbs
Lecture 34 Job and Study Verbs
Lecture 35 Sports Verbs
Lecture 36 Math Verbs
Lecture 37 Buying Verbs
This course is for beginners who want to learn Swedish.,This course is also suited for people on a beginner level who wants to improve their speaking, reading and listening to Swedish.,This course is for those who wants to understand and express themselves in many social scenarios such as in a restaurant, traveling, shopping, going to traveling agency, bank information and more


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