Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016-2019 Retail-VL Version 2103 (Build 13901.20400) (x86) Multilanguage

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016-2019 Retail-VL Version 2103 (Build 13901.20400) (x86)  Multilanguage

x86 | Languages:Arabic,English,German,Greek,French,Spanish,Italian,Russian,Turkish | File Size: 6.41 GB

Office 365 ProPlus, the cloud-connected version of Office, delivers the most productive and most secure Office experience-with the lowest total cost of ownership for deployment and management. However, for customers who aren't ready for the cloud, Office 2019 provides new features and updates to the on-premises apps for both users and IT professionals. Like Windows Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) releases, Office 2019 provides a set of valuable enhancements for customers who can't be cloud-connected or receive regular updates.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 v16.9.1-v16.9.4 Update

Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 v16.9.1-v16.9.4  Update

Size File: 8.85 GB

Installing / updating Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 16.9.x (all studio editions are supported)
The distribution contains materials that allow you to install or update (if already installed) Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 to version 16.9.1+. To do this, first update the installer 16.9.0 using this distribution, and then install the version 16.9.X you have in mind right away (without having to first install previous versions such as 16.9.1, 16.9.2, ... although this is not prohibited). You will not be able to go back by versions (only uninstalling and installing the required previous version)

Network Drive Control 1.55

Network Drive Control  1.55

File Size : 1 Mb

Network Drive Control (NDC) for Windows Vista, 7, 8 & higher, both 32-bit & 64-bit, is an example of a utility I wrote to solve a frustrating problem I frequently encountered, namely wanting my network servers, both at work & home, mapped to Windows drives in a network specific manner. While one can tell Windows to try to map all of the drives at logon, I didn't like the long delays waiting for the time outs of the drive mapping for the networks that are not connected. (i.e. Waiting for the mapping of the home network drives to timeout when on my work network, and vice versa.) So I wrote my own utility which would examine the network environment after I logged in, and based on what network it found itself on, it would only attempt to map those drives it knew were on that network. Basically, I wanted the map network drives on login to function equivalently to the way the Windows "default printer" does by being network specific. The short of it is I wrote a two module program to do just that, and hence Network Drive Control was born.

Network Printer Control 1.14

Network Printer Control  1.14

File Size : 1 Mb

Network Printer Control (NPC) is designed to improve the management of default printers in Windows 8 and 10.The idea came to the author when upgrading a laptop from Windows 7 to 10. Specifically, Windows 10 wiped out the default printers for each network that were stored. In Windows 7, you had a clear path to manage your default printers; Windows 10 added 'Let Windows Manage My Default Printer' - this switches the default printer it associates with a given network to the last printer used on that network instead of keeping the same default even if you occasionally use another printer. So, if you use a specific printer most of the time when on a specific network, you probably want that one to be the default all of the time. But under the new Windows 8/10 scheme, when you need to use another printer, the mere act of using that other printer effectively changes the default printer associated with that network.

n-Track Studio Suite 9.1.4 Build 3785 Beta Multilingual

n-Track Studio Suite 9.1.4 Build 3785 Beta  Multilingual

Languages: Multilingual | File size: 250 MB

n-Track Studio 9 turns your PC into an easy to use multitrack audio recording studio. It is the perfect tool for professional quality audio recording, encoding, mixing and editing. Record, edit, overdub your audio tracks, apply effects, process audio live input, mix and then burn audio CDs or create mp3 files. n-Track Studio is an Audio and MIDI Digital Multitrack Recorder that transforms your computer into a powerful audio recording studio. You can record, playback, overdub your audio tracks exploiting the flexibility and power of today's PCs for applying effects, realtime input processing, automated aux channels sends and returns, destructive and non-destructive wave editing. The program supports 24bit-192 khz recording, 64 bit mixing, multiple channels soundcards, live input processing, CD burning, mp3 encoding and more.

Opera 75.0.3969.171 Multilingual

Opera 75.0.3969.171  Multilingual

File Size: 54/56 MB

Opera is a fast and free alternative web browser, that includes tabbed browsing, pop-up blocking, integrated searches. Opera web browser is based on Chromium and Blink (the rendering engine used by Chromium). It has come up with bigger guns to enter the race for the most popular web browser, as the current leading role is played between Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. The web browser has one intuitive, powerful location for searching and navigating the web. Search using multiple providers and view site suggestions as you type. The Discover feature gives you top-quality news and entertainment from around the globe. Opera also has the advanced functions such as Opera Mail program, the lightweight, customizable mail client that refines your email experience.

PDF Replacer Pro 1.8.6 Multilingual

PDF Replacer Pro 1.8.6  Multilingual

Languages: Multilingual | File size: 51.1 MB

PDF Replacer is a PDF text replacing software utility based on Windows. With this handy tool, you can easily replace text in multiple PDF documents with new text, and also you can modify the replaced text font and text decorations such as bold, italic, underline and linethrough. If you only want to replace the text in some PDF pages instead of the whole PDF document, PDF Replacer also provide you the page range option, which can enable you to replace only your selected pages essily. In addition to English, German, and French languages, PDF Replacer also supports PDFs created in more than 50 languages of almost all countries.

Remote Administrator Control Client

Remote Administrator Control Client

File Size : 7.4 Mb

Remote Administrator Control is designed for connection to a remote computer where you can work fully as if working on a local computer.The client displays all the activity that is being done on the remote computer, and you can fully control the remote computer with your keyboard and mouse or only view. For remote computer control there are some displays modes available: full screen, 15-200% display. During the time of controlling the remote computer you may record all your activities to video files. Using the client you may connect to several remote computers at once. The data transfer between the client and server is secure, all data frames are encoded.